Dr Who?

This week there were tweets and news reports, conversations and flips about the New! Doctor Who. For the first time ever, or so I have been led to believe, a woman is to take the starring role. I have watched many Dr Who’s come and go my favourite has to be John Pertwee, mostly because I adored Worzel Gummidge.

Anyway I digress, The lovely Jodie Whittiker, ‘I know her from Broadchurch’. Just saying, anyway she has got the title, won the coveted prize, stepped up to evolve the cult programme further into the realms of wonder. Now don’t shoot, my hands are up. I became bored witless at the naysayers, the chauvinistic complaints and the Agg-Gh ahh! It was everywhere, the moaning. So I switched off unplugged and refused to look any more.

Personally, I think she will be an iconic Dr Who. A conversation with a good friend had some days after the self-imposed ban,  was to bring up the question once more of should the Doctor be a woman? That was when we took it to the pub. Yes, two women took a convo to the village pub to do what men have done for centuries,  and why not! If a woman can be The Doctor… we ordered fizz as we would, a pint of John Smiths (any other beer could be substituted in this spot) is not our taste after all. The following is my version, maybe embellished, but mine none the less. Of an overheard conversation.

Two Men In A pub

Stan was slurping the froth from the top of his beer when this exchange took place.

Stan looks at Tom… ‘I suppose it will be exfoliate what they say now’. Wipes his mouth on his sleeve and sniffs loudly.

Tom. ‘What, what do ya mean’

Stan. ‘Them Dalek’s … now it’s a woman doctor’

Tom. ‘Ave you gone doolally, exfoliate’.

Stan. ‘Instead of sayin exterminate as they’ve  always done’.

Tom shakes his head slowly ‘Tha’s a daft bugger; exfoliate’.

A few minutes pass, both men finish their beers and Stan says. ‘You for another’?

Tom nods, and as Stan lurches unsteadily towards the bar you can hear a penny drop when Tom begins to guffaw.

Tom. ‘ Dalek’s exfoliate that’s reet funny that’.

I would like to thank a dear friend Anna, you know who you are, for the gift. Nuf said, “I owe you some fizz now we have moved back”. The pictures courtesy of pixabay  and unsplash and the land of lost internet photos. And you tube for the marvleous vid of Dr John Pertwee, forever in my heart as the undeniably wonderful Worzel Gummidge and in this bit Una Stubs as Aunt Sally.


For Dr Who aficionados out there…  the relevance of John Smiths in the pub is that it  was the name the Dr took while being a human in The Family of Blood. Coincidence? Or did some helpful blogger (Gary Jefferies ) unaware of my dastardly dealings let my coincidence become a clever twist? Thank you  cue time lord music and …cut!

I couldn’t resist writing this post and I hope I captured the scene. What is your opinion on women taking it to the pub? Or woman being the lead in a cult programme? Have you ever overheard a gem when you least expected it. Leave me a comment I love to talk.


98 thoughts on “ Dr Who?

  1. Pertwee was ‘my’ Doctor when I was a kid and is still my favourite (though I really like Troughton in the stories I’ve seen).

    The negative reaction to JW’s casting made me really sad. The most progressive show on TV and some of the ‘fans’ can’t cope with a woman being cast! I despair….

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  2. Jodie Whittaker is a great choice, great actress and Chris Chibnall (new man in charge of Dr Who and Broadchurch writer) obviously knows her well and sees how great she could be. It’s no great surprise really – the moment they introduced Missy and showed Time Lords could change gender, it was innevitable. As others have said, the main thing is story and script. Simple, iconic stories written with heart, that’s what we need. Looking forward to her first series very much

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  3. Gotta add my vote for Jon Pertwee being the best Doctor Who. I also liked his assistant Jo, and think she’s been one of the best Doctor’s assistants, closely followed by Sarah-Jane.
    As for the next Doctor being a woman, welcome to the 21st century. It’s about time, and I’ve no doubt that the series will continue to be made by the BBC even when Jodie hands over the keys to the TARDIS to the 14th Doctor.

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  4. Having never seen it, I don’t get what the fuss is about. If they don’t like it, don’t watch and the industry will respond in kind. The television series wants to make money, so they need viewers… simple market forces will fix it. 😛

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  5. To date, whether a new Dr been successful or not has never been gender based. Why should it start now?
    If anything has let the series down it’s been the hit and miss writing.
    Personally I loved Chris Eccleston’s Dr. Closely followed by your boy David Tennant.
    Both great actors. Also easy on the eye.

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  6. Urgh. I was actually pretty sad by some of the crazy comments I saw on facebook and twitter. If an alien with two hearts can change body thirteen times and no-one minds, I think it is sad that some folks can’t imagine the Dr coming back as a women.

    I was especially sad at the blokes who complained that a female doctor won’t be a good role model for boys. I had loads of masculine role models! Why can’t a kick-ass lady be a role model!?

    I’m pretty sure she’ll be a brilliant Doctor who.

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  7. I’m loving the idea of a female Dr. Who. But, then again, I’m an American, what do I know about Dr. Who? And to anyone who suggests she can’t be called a Time Lord, why not? I’m sure Lord means so much more on Gallifrey than it does on Earth, just like time means so much more.

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  8. Interesting stuff Ellen. IMO the writing makes the series and Capaldi had scraps to work with sadly. That said he had a few decent episodes and, while I grew up with Dr Who back in the day I rather liked Tom Baker and Pertwee.
    I suppose the real question is whether the BEEB has done this out of political correctness or a real punch for the storyline; The Master already set the tone with Missy; although their demise in the last episode was a shade rubbish IMO.
    I suppose we have angles now for Romana to appear as a bloke and Wonder Woman to become a bearded chap in a tight fitting suit.
    Let it not be unnoticed that the pin of relevance in the debate was John Smiths…the very name the Dr took while running as a human in The Family of Blood. Coincidence?
    Do I think this will work? Hard to say, the writing was not great over the last incarnation and while I might be a tad on the done for political correctness side of things and thus a shade sceptical; as with the Dark Tower film, I am well prepared to give it a go.
    Enjoyable post 🙂

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  9. I’ve never actually seen Worzel Gummidge; I know the vids are out there, just never looked them up. Pertwee’s always been my favorite, myself.
    I really don’t have any feelings one way or the other about a female Doctor. I know they’ve thought about it in the past (I remember hearing Tom Baker saying, when he announced that it would be his last season as The Doctor but hadn’t chosen a successor, “I wish him or her best of luck” and the speculation that brought with it), and I’m a bit surprised it’s taken this long. At the same time, I think the series should have ended with Sylvester McCoy. I’ve not been impressed with any of the Doctors since. Besides, I doubt seriously they’ll run any of the show on over-the-air TV in the US, and we don’t have cable, so it’s moot, anyway…

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    • If enough of you are curious and i am sure you can get the beeb on amazon firestick or whatever name the equivalent is. Go back I put a worzel clip at the bottom. Really no one should go through life without watching at least one series of Worzel.


  10. I used to watch Dr Who years ago and like you, I loved Jon Pertwee, and Peter Davidson as well. I cannot understand what all the fuss is about, having a female Doctor! Will she be having a male assistant, I wonder, or will that get the ‘die hard’ fans even more het up?!!

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  11. I think she’ll do a great job and you’re quite right women should take it to the pub. The overheard conversation made me laugh and I loved the Worzel Gummidge clip – it’s years since I thought about him. Great post.


    • You know what, it is a little odd even conversing in 2017 about, should women do, be, or go anywhere. It isn’t the fifties surely we have learned something… maybe we should have a game of rugby down a couple of tankards of Real Ale and bath together? 😀😁😂 grrrrraaaaaaaaz! Hahaha!

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  12. I liked Jon Pertwee as the Doctor too. Thing is, with a woman, she can’t be classed as a Time Lord, and Time Lady or Baroness doesn’t really have a ring about it.
    We haven’t had a TV for over 10 years and I haven’t watched anything since David Tennant gave up, and that was only re runs anyway on someone else’s set.
    I remember the film with Peter Cushing and Roy Castle. Daleks will always rule as the ultimate bad guys. I’m surprised that if they can put the Star Trek franchise on the Horror channel they haven’t done the same with Doctor Who. By all accounts the Cybermen had kids running for cover.

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  13. I have to disagree, remakes are rarely a hit. Though it has been known for me to be wrong! Dr Who will always be known to us as a male. OMG did I write that 🙂 Actually it’s more about rehashing old programs, a dislike of mine! Though we don’t watch TV now, or very rarely. Too much blogging to be done!

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    • It is a thing that has caused some furore, but it won’t be a re- make, Dr Who regularly morphs into a new doctor, just this time it is a she. Nice of you to join in see you here again soon.


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