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Charlotte looked at her coffee table disgusted. In the otherwise pristine apartment, the table was Alien to her. Clutching her head in her hands she rocked, gently wiped her face with an old sodden discarded tissue. She threw it as viciously as anyone could. Another fad diet from her latest magazine, four days of cigarettes, whiskey and sugar lay next to the vomit bowl. How gullible am I that I would even try it, she cried. Charlotte only needed to lose two stone to fit in the bridesmaids dress, to be perfect for once. Or so she thought.

Have you gone to extreme’s to lose weight? Been sucked in by bogus fad diets? I would love to hear from you, drop it in the comments I will get back quick smart!


Four Wasted Days.

37 thoughts on “Four Wasted Days.

    1. The comments are like wages to me anyone can like.and not bother to read. Follows and return readers are important to me. Thank you for reading. And having a chat. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. Fortunately, Ellen, I am not very big and have never needed to try fad diets. My sister, on the other hand, is always yo-yo dieting. It only works in the short term, unfortunately.

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  2. If I had a nickel for every pound I’ve lost and gained over the 49 years of my marriage, we could buy a deserted island in the South Pacific, hire an army to take care of us, and laze around all day doing nothing.
    Yikes. No. That sounds really boring.


  3. Love how youโ€™ve worked so many of the coffee table items into your story, ellenbest24. I thought that vomit bowl was a dog bowl โ€“ shows the sheltered life Iโ€™ve lived โ€“ or not as the case may be!

    Glad to see you firing away. Hope you are getting stronger word by word as you release your creativity.

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  4. Dear Ellen,
    Charlotteโ€™s diet raised the bar on unhealthy.
    On a personal level, Iโ€™m an eating disorder survivor. Without going into a lot of detail, I happy to be alive and few lbs over the suggested weight for my height. At the same time, my mind is clear which it rarely was back in the day.
    Thought provoking story.


  5. Thanks to a member of staff when I was at school who ridiculed me about my then weight, I have tried a lot of the fad stuff over the years. Micro diet, liquid diet, mars diet, fruit diet, traffic light diet, calorie control, low carbs, and basically screwed my body to such an extent that it stored everything, even salad stuff and the weight just kept going on. I had a conversation with my GP of the time as I was getting more and more depressed. She gave me the best bit of advice ever, to stop consciously dieting, eat a varied diet with plenty of fruit and veg, and to increase my exercise if I could. She said my body would find its natural weight, and once stable for 6 months, then we could address the issue sensibly.
    She also ran a lot of regular blood tests to eliminate anything else. After a year, I’d managed to lose a stone. Then we moved.
    In 2016 I qualified for 12 weeks free at Slimming World, and lost almost 3 stone. If I hadn’t, we may not have found Humphrey and the outcome could have been a lot different. OK, I’ve put a stone of that back on, but have remained stable for about 4 months. I eat a lot of fruit and veg, watch the sweet stuff as I’m diabetic but still have my treats, and walk the dog around 17 miles a week. DIET is a four letter word, so is CAKE and FOOD. It’s the balance per individual that matters.
    (Sorry, didn’t mean to get on a soap box if it’s come across that way!)

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