Opened my mouth and chattered on.

My ear kept hearing an

annoying song.

My stomach churned

Feeling sick.

Stream of consciousness lets do it quick.

My fingers rattle across the page dropping thoughts like an Ancient sage.

Writing a poem instead of an article. Takes time and thought and ink from an Octopus testicle. To finish this rhyme was FANTASTIMAGORICAL.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-ic or -ical.” Find a word that uses the suffix “-ic” or “-ical.” Bonus points if you use both. Have fun! Press Here to join in.

Okay it was fun and whimsy and I got slightly stuck on the last line but it worked with the prompt … didn’t it?

Stream of Consciousness.

13 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness.

  1. I don’t know Ellen…you fudged a bit there if the prompt was supposed to be “ical” not “icle” but I think we’ll let you get away with it just for creativity’s sake!!! LOL!! Never thought I’d read anything with an Octopus testicle in it, that’s for sure!!!

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        1. One manages without a moments hesitation when one has been unfortunate enough to have misplaced, lost or had one removed. But luckily (for humans at least) the ability to love or be loved is not dependent on sex … It is however dependent on breathing. 😇


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