Thank you Wallace Peach for this amazing prompt.

February prompt

Any one who was … anyone knew about the storm and Dorothy. Time magazine, Mental health periodicals and well, they wrote a book and a film. But, in the Circus community, and burrowed beneath the grass lands. The story of Monica and her six Mousletts. Abandoned by a wayward Father; as they were. Then rescued by Humphrey the Hefferlump from the most atrocious storm; was mentioned, far and wide.

How although he was fierce and feared by all who encountered him; he gently shaded Monica and her Mouseletts until the storm past, and the snow settled. Then he sucked them all up his trunk, collected the wibberly wobberly house from the bough of the Acacia tree. Took them all to his watering hole. Where to his surprise … but no-one else’s, they all came to a watery end.

Humphrey, never was to be kind again. A rogue with the courage of a Lion and the heart of a Tin Man, who unfortunately was too stupid to know he was missing the intellect of even a scruffy scarecrow.

Sometimes the moral of the story is clear … once an old rogue Hefferlump always an old rogue Hefferlump.

The prompt picture is on loan with thanks from Pixaby and the Oz gif from giffy. Thank you also Esme Slabs for the sharing space Here!

“Was I too cruel … or not cruel enough?” Answers in the comments please I can’t wait to respond.πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


The storm.

43 thoughts on “The storm.

  1. I like this one a lot, how you twist it around, avoiding the Disney baby elephant stuff. This is a dumb beast behaving like a dumb beast. An allegory for humanity, and suitable for children of all ages I say. You can’t point these things out too young πŸ™‚

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    1. We do forget sometimes not everything is fairytales. He was doing what he would want done to him. Please save me, take me to my favorite place … poor mouseletts not Humphry’s fault. 😁 thanks for reading. X


    1. My Father used to say “Your best, may not be someone else’s best.” Or “You have to have the crap sometimes to recognise the good stuff.” I am sure one or both can be utilised in this scenario. πŸ˜„πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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  2. Surprising and fun, you handled this tragedy in a light and playful way, with some wonderful alliteration and word choice πŸ™‚

    I have to commend Humphrey in all his efforts, I know he was trying his best.

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  3. Cruel, maybe, for giving them a watery end, but also a teacher in reminding us that all good deeds don’t necessarily mean that they are suitable for the persons(s) who the deed is for. I’d have to agree and say your creative mind has gone to a place I regularly visit myself, Ellen.

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