We worked hard, determined I was, not to be ‘A Carried Wife.’ More worried about other’s perceptions, I got it wrong. Because he was a lawyer, earning big, didn’t mean people would expect me to slack. Engrossed in that thought, I took my eye of of the ‘us.’
Not seeing his palor, hearing that cough. I failed as his wife. Each night I fell into bed shattered, not fit for the part. Worked, unaware of his appointments. I didn’t hold his hand, wipe his head. Here I am now, clutching a cold yellowed hand, wishing … it wasn’t his deathbed.

Written in response to the picture prompt set at Charli’s Carrot ranch. Thank you for having me back. If you want to give her challenges a go, press the horse 🐎

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Misconceptions of what makes a good Wife.

35 thoughts on “Misconceptions of what makes a good Wife.

  1. Been there, lived that. Hubby #2, when I was in my feminist years. Lots of regrets over the many ways I could have helped him prolong his life, except for the two children who are the best of us.

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  2. That is very sad, Ellen. So much grief in 99 words. Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about what we think others expect of us that we don’t have time to be what we want to be. What a loss.

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  3. Your story is an unexpected take on the prompt – which is good, of course! You show skill in how you have achieved consistency between the wife’s initial worries about what people think, and her self-blame after she discovers her husband is dying. Neither of her perceptions are right, and both are self-centred.

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    1. Penny thank you, for your time, comments like this are what push me to improve. With age and hindsight, it is easier to see how vanity and fear made us miss what was in front of our noses.

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  4. So absolutely thought provoking. I think we all come to realize this, unfortunately in our later years. Oh the wasted time trying to conform to what is really your mind .Your own perception of what might be expected. Ellen, a very well written piece.

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  5. I think we’re all guilty of worrying what other people may think about us. Your piece of flash fiction is a message to everyone who reads it that we should always care more about how we feel about ourselves when a good opportunity presents itself.

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    1. Not a light tale, (following my ‘woty’) but I am writing what comes for this post. Comments are wages and I just got paid. 😄 we also worry about what others say or think … and none of it matters really.


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