Nothing. Rag Tag Daily Prompt.

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2020-01-16 101511055064..jpeg

Nothing, an empty desk, a crowded head,

Rumpled sheets on an empty bed.

A void, a hole, another missed goal.

A black cloud in a sunny space,

 A blank look, on an expressionless face.

An empty cupboard, an empty purse,

Hollow meannings in a hollow verse.

No energy to pick up my pen,

To use it for judging men.

An empty shell,

Nothing left

Just me,



A burst of verse, in response to the prompt. First I had to feel the word, have empathy, then … if I was nothing … what would I be? I am fortunately, not nothing. But did you like what I penned, was it fit for purpose? Let me know in the comments. I am full of chat. 😆😉

26 thoughts on “Nothing. Rag Tag Daily Prompt.

  1. I liked it a lot. It touched that part of me that experiences deep Depression mood swings. In that depression, that dark place, there is a great deal of emptiness and … well, you said it. I know that you did not necessarily intend on writing about depression. But there is a similarity of experience that I found there. Thank you, again, for sharing.
    You are very, very talented in being able to touch the soul and convey that experience in a way that moves the reader’s soul in like fashion. An authentic artist.
    I think that your literary art is similar in your dance with your craft as mine is with my visual art. That is to say, the author [artist] and the reader each bring something to the composition. But the piece itself brings something, too. It seems to have a life of its own, like a child born of the creator. …I apologize. …I think that I am too much “the romantic”… and I don’t mean to be. Please excuse this gushy American.
    I just like your writing. Thank you, again.
    Have an awesome day. ~ John F.

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    1. Never apologise for expressing your opinion. Thank you for taking time to comment, it makes my writing worth while. Not far off our bed time this side of the globe but you enjoy what is left of your Friday.


  2. Ellen, I was right there in your words. Wonderful. I’m going to share this on the poetry group on Fb. I’ll send you a friend request first, so I can tag you. I am getting the hang of all this social media lark! I think…. Hugs Xx

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  3. I really like the rhythm of this poem Ellen . It conveys so much of life and the double rhythming in some of the the lines is perfect. Then it trickles down to the single word bereft . It speaks volumes 💜

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