When I teach my daughter about Lemons. She’ll say, ‘they are sour, and need loads of sugar before you use them.’ I will pour her a homemade lemonade, sweetend with Agave. I’ll tell her how lemon juice can cure heartburn, it’s the only, citrus fruit that turns alkaline once joined with saliva. While passing her a slice of my lemon drizzle poppyseed cake, I clean my glass to a sparkle with a used lemon skin as we speak. We will chat about life and love as I slice lemon and freeze them, for days when there are no more.


Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels.com

August 27, 2020, flash fiction prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features Lemon Queens. Maybe it’s an ancient fairy tale or a modern brand name. What ideas seep into your imagination? Is there a character or place involved? Go where the prompt leads!

My response to Charli at the Carrot Ranch was a no brainer because Lemons are magic.

‘What do you use yours for?’ Answers in the comments please,  I hope to find some new things to do with the queen of fruits. 

Respond by September 1, 2020


Lemon The Queen Of Fruits.

27 thoughts on “Lemon The Queen Of Fruits.

  1. When arctic explorers prepare for dog expeditions, they are limited to what food supplies they can bring. But they slice lemons and freeze them in water as a necessity for their trip!

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  2. Ohh lemons. So many uses.
    Lemon juice hair rinse.
    Lemon skins down the waste disposal, no smelly drains.
    Roasted lemons with chicken.
    Thanks mother earth for the yellow, sweetest smelling flowers. Ellen you have given me a nice morning perusing the lovely Lemon.🌞

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  3. Don’t tell me they’re going to run out? What am I going to clean my microwave oven with if they run out?
    I used to rub the juice of a lemon into my hair because I was told it would turn my hair blond.

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