My Head Is In My Manuscript.

I am not going physically,

I haven’t a secret key to a special place,

but an agent wants a look at my hope for a book.

 For a while at least my work will be my feast.


 Keep your fingers crossed for me,

it’s a learning curve you see.

Giving it a go may teach me

something I don’t know.

So I thank you all for your patience, loyalty and friendship. I will give this my best shot and if, just if I am sucessfull I will celebrate with you all. If I am not we can commiserate and learn for the next time. 😇 

42 thoughts on “My Head Is In My Manuscript.

    1. Thinking positively wasn’t my first reaction but good things come to those that wait… fingers crossed 😇 Thank you for coming and cheering me on!


    1. Hi I Just had a message back thanking me and saying they will be very interested in the finished manuscript. I shouldn’t be but I am a bit dissapointed 😕


      1. The emotions play havoc don’t they. To get the attention of an agent these days is a triumph in itself. So very well done. So … best get on with it then.
        If I can help in any way, Let me know. The picture of you in the wheelbarrow somehow tells me that you’re well up to it. All the best. Kris.

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