He Was A Contradiction.

Your homework will be in on time”crack” it will be neat complete and constructed with…Care! “Crack” Mr W marched the isles between the rows of quivvering twelve year olds, His military stick slapped a desk and made you flinch, each instruction punctuated with the stick against his thigh as he roared.

Mr.W had to drop his head to get through the door, his crumpled mismatched suit hung from his bony frame. I had to drag my eyes away from the giant highly polished round toed shoes; I ducked as  he passed. His want for perfection his highly polished shoes were in direct contradiction to his gnarly face, wiry messy hair and the scarecrow appearance. He bellowed as the bell sounded end of day. “No leeway will be given, get it done…  Or Else!”

Daily prompt today the word is “Or” press here to join in or read wonderful interpretations.

Could you feel her fear? Did you have a teacher like Mr.M? Please leave a comment I will answer soonest.happy weekend 😇


29 thoughts on “He Was A Contradiction.

  1. The principal at my elementary school was a big, mean old man named Mr. Nickles. My little brother called him the ogre of the school. He’d stroll through the cafeteria at lunchtime with his paddle, slapping it against his palm.

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  2. In Primary school I had cranky old nuns as teachers, they did nothing for me liking school and terrified me most of the time. My Grade 5 teacher was an old nun probably frustrated as hell and took it out on us kids, any indiscretion was greeted by the swing of her cane….

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