I have been lucky enough to have my poem chosen to be performed by Casey Lee Brock. A spoken word artist. Below is the result of that collaboration.

She wears the scars of the divine

They think she’ll forget given time.

that she’ll bow to the pain

And pray in his name.

But she won’t, instead,

she will cry in her bed

For God, on a mission,

Or ancient tradition.

The girls In her tribe

Just frown.

At the stain they see

On the six year old’s gown.

The heat in her face as

Infection slots In place.

Death is often the way.

Not saved from the cut,

Like a kick in the gut,

Her Mother held

Her hand that day.

It happens In a home

Just like yours,

carried-out behind

Closed house doors.

When blood seeps

through the cracks,

it’s covered with a mat

Never to be mentioned


I didn’t think it could be,

Because I was too blind to see.

Not in a house that’s

Next door to me.

For those who can not open YouTube.


Thank you Casey for choosing to perform my piece I am very proud.

The article below was taken directly from Feb 2017 ITV news.

A case of female genital mutilation (FGM) is either discovered or treated in England every hour, according to the analysis of NHS statistics by a charity.

Between April 2015 and March 2016 there were 8,656 times when women or girls attended doctors’ surgeries or hospitals and the problem was assessed – the equivalent of one every 61 minutes.

Did you know this barbarity was so prevalent in the UK? Talk to me please. I will get back to you promptly.

Watch “Right of Passage” on YouTube. #FGM

55 thoughts on “Watch “Right of Passage” on YouTube. #FGM

    1. Thank you Walt it is harder for those children. People like us who write and can spread awareness should gird our loins and do things which scare and horrify us sometimes. Thank you Walt, for taking the time.

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  1. I am shocked..but should I be? Well written and performed on such a barbaric custom and in the name of what? I find it hard to believe that this and many other atrocities are done or performed on women and girls…What gives men the god given right to justify this…I can’t say anymore although my thoughts are many just what is the solution? You should be proud of that poem, Ellen xxx

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    1. Proud that I tackled it but not so proud of the humanrace that can live with these barbaric customs. 😢 if it can alert one person, stop one other female from being cut … this poem was worth the tears.

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  2. Such a moving poem. The things some women have to suffer is just horrifying. The reasons for FGM perpetuate the man as owner and woman as possession belief which is abhorrent. I find it equally abhorrent that a lot of women who have been through it then visit it on the next generation. Truly dreadful.

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  3. When atrocities are carried out in the name of culture, tradition, or religion, I see red. There are instances where local clerics have stood up and denounced the practice of genital mutilation, stating categorically it is not mentioned in the Koran. They are a minority. At best, it is carried on by people willing to continue doing what they’ve always done, because they’ve always done it. They know no other way. At worse, ….

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  4. It’s all part of the big (enormous) picture of female oppression. In the west, where we don’t go to the same extremes, the authorities turn a blind eye and just clean up the mess, in the name of cultural integrity, religious tolerance and all that crap, because it’s only women, after all. It happens here too, and for the same woolly-minded reasons. I’m sick of denouncing this kind of thing only to be told you have to respect cultural differences. Why?

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    1. As you know Jane it happens in both sexes and must be stopped. Though it is somewhat more barbaric in females of all ages. Assault, Actual bodily harm, or attempted murder should be used against perpetrators.
      It was 1875 when we raised the consent to penetration in Great Britain to 16 from 13. So many countries are centuries behind us on simple legislation. Not enough is done, where is our duty of care to all children residing here. 😔😕😢


      1. It’s a lot more barbaric for females. Circumcision is perfectly legal and is carried out in a hospital environment. Whether you agree with it or not, there’s no need for it to be clandestine and it’s the object of festivities afterwards. Female excision is illegal, practiced in awful, terrifying conditions with high risk of infection leading to death. It’s whole purpose is to prevent women experiencing any pleasure in intercourse, stitching them up again so tight (because it’s more fun for their husband then, isn’t it?) that they risk death from hemorrhage when they give birth, at home, because the menfolk don’t want the authorities to see how their wives have been mutilated. You’re right, there isn’t enough done to protect children from the idiocy of their parents’ culture. We get an awful lot of it here, mainly women from Sub-Saharan Africa.

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  5. I am shocked that this mutilation is practised so frequently in the UK. Your poem is powerful and Casey adds power to it with his words. Yes, I hope artists like you and Casey can be heard and make a difference.

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